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Market Explorer All Domains Report


Offered exclusively to .Trends users, the All Domains report allows you to analyze your competitors’ monthly traffic and share of visits across all acquisition channels. 

How Can the All Domains Report Help Me?

With the All Domains Report, you can analyze the traffic and share of visits generated by your industry competitors or a custom market list month over month. With this data, you can: 

  • Identify and analyze industry trends
  • Benchmark your traffic performance versus the competition
  • Analyze your competitors’ acquisition strategies by pinpointing their strongest and weakest acquisition channels

Using the All Domains Report

The All Domains report breaks down traffic by acquisition channel for each competitor domain analyzed in your industry or custom market list. Acquisition channels include Total, Direct, Referral, Social, and Paid Traffic. 

Market Explorer all domains table

Each column contains a number that represents the total amount of traffic generated in that channel during the analyzed month for that domain. Here, you’ll also find a red or green percentage, which indicates the change in traffic compared to the previous month. Here, red indicates a loss, and green indicates a gain. If there is no percentage, that means the traffic is flat to the previous month.

The Share of Visits figure is calculated based on the total number of visits generated by each analyzed domain. If you update the list, these figures will also update accordingly.  

By default, this chart is sorted by Total Traffic. However, you can re-sort by domain name, acquisition channel traffic, or share of visits, by clicking on the appropriate column header. 

If you’d like to order a custom report, you may do so by clicking the “Order a custom report” button on the right. 

Market Explorer order a custom report

A window will pop up in the center of your screen, where you can provide your name, contact information, and some details about your request.

If you need to export your All Domains report for use elsewhere, click the “Export to CSV” button on the right. 

Market Explorer export to csv