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Social Media Poster

Social Media Poster: Changes to Twitter Scheduling and Publishing

Aimed at keeping Twitter a safe and spam-free place, the company has announced policy changes, effective from March 23, 2018. Since one of the most common spam violations is multiple accounts usage, Twitter now prohibits simultaneously posting identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts. Read more...Changes to Twitter scheduling and publishing banner

Schedule Posts to Instagram with Social Media Poster

Have you ever felt torn between social media networks? We’ve so been there: switching between infinite browser tabs, copying and pasting content into different interfaces — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others — trying not to miss a single post. Read more...

Schedule posts to instagram with social media poster

Post on LinkedIn with Social Media Poster

Today we’re excited to expand social media marketers’ workflow using SEMrush suite, and save you time with the help of one tool — Social Media Poster. Read more...Post on LinkedIn with Social Media Poster banner

Tweet up to 280 Characters with Social Media Poster

Twitter expanded the iconic tweet length up to 280 characters on November 7th. After extensive testing, the company has said that more symbols will make it easier for people to fit their thoughts in a tweet, while still keeping the tweet brevity. Read more...Tweet up to 280 Characters with Social Media Poster banner

Post, Schedule and Analyze Your Social Media Content with Poster Tool

We’ve continued to develop our social media tools to better accommodate the complete workflow of social media marketers. And, with this release, we are excited to announce that you now have two social media tools in one SEMrush suite. Read more...

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