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Hire a Digital Marketing Superhero


7 min read

How To Hire a Digital Marketing Superhero: Tips You Need

We had a fantastic Twitter chat with John Doherty about hiring the right marketer for your company. Our community discussed the types of skills marketers need today to build their reputation, ways a business can vet remote workers and consultants, why a company would choose a consultant over an agency, determining which level of marketer to hire, and which questions you should ask when hiring.
Melissa FachFeb 21, 2020
How to Drive Enterprise Client Success at Digital Marketing Agencies
Progress Report in Just 4 Steps


5 min read

Progress Report in Just 4 Steps

The end of the year is close, and that means it’s time to send out those annual reports. Drawing up a worthy annual progress report in the chaotic environment of the Christmas rush and tough deadlines is quite tricky. But Semrush can help! Our My Reports tool lets you aggregate the data from dozens of tools within the Semrush suite in a click.
Semrush TeamDec 18, 2018
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