Original Research

We have a lot of original research and data at Semrush. Take a look at some of our blog posts to get some unique data and see what we‘ve found.
Content Marketing Statistics
Amazon Pricing Study: The Most Expensive Products, Category Volatility, and Seasonal Price Shifts
App Store Optimization Study: What We Can Learn From the Top-Ranking Apps
most visited websites
digital shopping performance
Black Friday Stats
How to optimize for Google featured snippets

How To Optimize for Google Featured Snippets [Research]

Semrush & Brado analyzed over 200 mln SERPs to identify how to optimize for Google featured snippets. The guide provides information on what keywords to choose, how to optimize the content, best articles’ URL stats, how to build a Featured Snippet Hub, and other factors that are vital to win the featured snippet position.
A.J. GhergichNov 12, 2020
Financial services industry in 2020 study
How To Optimize for People Also Ask | Semrush Study
Fashion Data Study

Exploding Fashion Trends

Semrush has collected brand new data based on online Google searches in 2020 and compared this with the data from 2019 to explore the fashion trends during the pandemic lockdown and how they differ from the previous year. See what our latest research found.
Jana GarankoMay 15, 2020